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Wind that Shakes the Barley: News

Norwich Farmer's Market - October 18, 2008

Rachel and Bob braved the cool fall weather for a fantastic duo out door concert in Norwich VT. Great food, artworks, and organic produce galour! everywhere!!!! Let's do that again!!!!

Music Box - September 21, 2008

Wonderful concert at the Music Box in Crafstbury Vermont. John Drury joined the band on guitar and cittern sitting in for Shanty Bob who is off in Hawaii. A whole new repertoire was unleashed to a very enthusiastic audience. Thanks to Lisa Sammet for inviting us back.

August/September - September 14, 2008

Wow. Fantastic times.

During August the Wind performed in Chester, VT for band member Shanty Bob Smith's daughter. A wonderful engagement with the music flowing freely!!!

In September Rachel and Bob performed as a duo for a wedding reception in NH. A wonderfully exuberant day full of music, good times and old friends!!!

The Wind is looking forward to performing at the Music Box this month with John Drury joing the band on Cittern and Guitar!!!!

Shanty Bob is off touring Hawaii!!

August 08 - August 7, 2008

What more can be said, Wind members Bob and Rachel totally enjoyed performing with John Drury and Sons in Barre, VT. The audience was hot as the musicians went to town on accordions, fiddle, guitar, cittern and electric bass playing through a whole new collection of tunes! Rob Roche hopes to get everyone into the Otter Creek Studio before long and start the tape wheels turning!!!!

July Activites - July 21, 2008

Wind members are having a busy time of it this month. Steve and the band are gathering a slew of exciting pipe tune set arrangements . Rachel and Bob gigged with the band Celtic Thyme in Barre along with original Wind that Shakes the Barley band members Don Lenz and Randolf Seifert. Randolf, by the way was not scheduled to play but rather showed up out of the blue following a 28 year disappearing act! Rachel and Bob are also very pleased to be joining John Drury and family in Barre for a concert. Lots brewing in this combination! See the calendar page for more details.

Lough Rask - CD Release Performance - May 12, 2008

Our May 10th CD Release Peformance was a wonderful success. Vermont Poet Davd Cavanagh, Connecticut percussionist Spuds Riekert and Brandon artist Liza Myers (represented by her husband Jim Germond) joined us resulting in a magical melding of the arts. The audience responded with great appreciation and enthusiasm, setting the tone for a beautiful Mother's Day! The house was full, as a matter of fact a little too full, as some of our very close musical friends were turned away at the door:( !! All and all we could not have asked for a better evening. We are very grateful to all those that came, and to the Briggs Carraige Bookstore for supporting the release of Lough Rask.

CD Release Party - Saturday, May 10th - February 19, 2008

We are planning our CD release performance for Saturday May 10th at the Briggs Carriage Bookstore performance stage in Brandon Vermont. Joining us will be Vermont poet and author David Cavanagh! We are looking forward to an exciting evening. Vermont artist Liza Myers has created the artwork for our CD cover. Our CD is entitled "Lough Rask".

2008 Art Work Complete - February 3, 2008

Art work is now complete for the our upcoming CD entitled "Lough Rask". Hear some of these tracks on our Music Page. Stay tuned for news about our CD release show in May!!!

New CD is complete!! - December 14, 2007

Wind that Shakes the Barley has completed recording their new CD. Cover art and liner notes are currently in progress. A February release is expected!!!! Stay "tuned"!!!

November 07 - November 9, 2007

Lots going on with the Wind. New additions to the band include button accordion, fiddle, piano.
The latest CD is in the final stages!

August 2007 - August 20, 2007

Check our our Music Page!!
Wind that Shakes the Barley has been busy in the recording studio.
New music downloads have been added for your listening pleasure!!!

June 2007 - June 30, 2007

The Wind continues to make great progress toward's their next CD release. Go to the Music page for a preview. Shanty Bob has begun work on a CD to highlight his own interests in the Shanty tradition. Full steam ahead! Great jam session in Plainfield at the home of former Wind mate Don Lenz. Jigs and Reels were heard all over the mountain tops!!

April 2007 - April 28, 2007

The Wind that Shakes the Barley movie?? Oh THAT....the difference is in the "The".

March 2007 - Spring - March 26, 2007

While Vermont snow was quickly melting, the Wind ushered in Spring with a productive day in Otter Creek Music's delux Bedroom Recording Studio, buffing and polishing new tunes for the next CD. They also dined throughout the day on a smorgasborg of homemade delights including vegetable bean soup with secret ingredients, scalloped potatoes, tomato onion quiche and Scots blueberry cobbler.

February Studio Time - February 11, 2007

Lots of great musicians are currently making music at the Otter Creek "Bedroom Music" Studio. Lightning Lenz, Michael, Monica B., Skowman are among those enjoying the relaxed recording atmosphere. Rob Roche is at the controls. Rob is recently back from studying with Recording Guru Mark Bartram at Styles Studio in NH.

The Band Plays On - February 5, 2007

Wind that Shakes the Barley members, Rachel C. and Bob D. spent an exhilarating afternoon in Sourth Hero, VT, wheeling through Reels, Jigs, An Dros and Gavottes with John Drury (guitar, cittern) and Don Lenz (Fiddle, Flute). See a link to John Drury's music on our "Links" Web page!!!

End of the year update - December 26, 2006

Wind that Shakes the Barley is currently recording new favorites at the plush Otter Creek Music Studio under the direction of Rob Roche. Early versions of some these tunes are now available on the "Music" page of this Web site.

September Set List - September 2, 2006

Mist on the Mountain
Queen of the Rushes
Girl I Left Behind
The Beckoner
Teasing the Girls Primrose Girls
Put Me in the Great Chest
Elizabeth's Great Coat
Lough Rask
Pique LaBelene
King’s Shilling
Weary Piper
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Cutting Brackin

August 21, 2006

Wind that Shakes the Barley is packing up the Barley Bus for the September tour. First stop, The New World Festival in Randolph, VT!!!

July 21, 2006

Rob Roche says album number 4 is in the conceptual stage!!
Look for the band out and about in September!!

January 1, 2005

January, 2005-Wind that Shakes the Barley is currently taking a long needed sabbatical. After 25 years on the road,the Wind is taking some time to just sit back and have fun with the music and each other. The band continues to work on scads of new material and will be releasing some new singles of their work. Gigs are lining up and will be scheduled for later in the year. So keep checking back or drop the band a line!!!

February 1, 2004

2004 is shaping up to be another exciting year. The Wind will be appearing at Briggs Carriage House, Merck Forrest, Manchester Celtic Festival, Derby Line Opera House, The Music Box, The Kingdom Cafe, the Morning Star, Wildwood, just to name a few!!! Come on out and join Wind that Shakes the Barley!!!!

September 1, 2003

Wind that Shakes the Barley completed their fall series... "The Expanded Band Tour". The "Wind" was joined by Jim Gilmour on bass guitar, fiddler Don Lenz and ErinRose Handy, stepdancer. This was a thrilling series fusing the band's well known high energy performance with the excitement of traditional Irish dancing. The band ended up the year at Montpelier's First Night.

June 1, 2003

During spring '03 Wind members hiked into Merck Forrest in Rupert, VT for an overnight campout/retreat. They carried their instruments along and the music was non stop all day and night. Tunes that had long since been "missing" were re-discovered.

October 1, 2002

Wind in the Sails - CD released!! Wind that Shakes the Barley's 3rd recording featuring newest member Rachel Clark.
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